2009 Wildcard Weekend Part One

This weekend sees 8 teams battling it out for a place in the divisional game, and in every game the teams have met in the regular season – with 3 rematches of last weekends games.

Tonights games are:-

NY Jets at Cincinnati – The Jets won last weeks game in a canter, however this time The Benngals are at home and have something to play for so I dont expect the same result.

Carson Palmer is looking for his 1st playoff win and I fully expect him to get it here. Should be a good game but I expect toe Bengals to win by 7-10 points in what might be a defensive battle.
Philadelphia at Dallas – Dallas shut out the Eagles last week in a game which deciced who played at home this week. Can the Eagles play that badly again? A difficult one to answer, for anyone who has watched them this season will know they are very good when the mood suits them and very bad when not. The result of this game will depend on which version of the Eagles turns up. Dallas have surprised me this year and it looks like Jerry Jones was right when staring they will be better without TO. Not that Roy Williams has had anything to do with it and he is in line for flop of the year.

So who is going to win? Well although Dallas have impressed me of late I think the Eagles will play well tonight and I expect them to progress to the divisional game where the Saints will be waiting.

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