2011 NFC East Prediction

The NFC East has traditionally been one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL and 2011 looks like being just as interesting despite the Eagles looking like a team who are Superbowl bound. Although we are pretty certain that Philadelphia will take the division the race for second could be very interesting and we are reluctant to write any one off.  Our forecast outcome is:-

1 Philadelphia Eagles 12-4

The Eagles have been busy this off season snapping up a bewildering array of talent, which when added to their already strong squad makes them obvious choices for the division and possibly the Superbowl too. It is difficult to spot any weaknesses on their offense now that they have a competent back up QB in Vick Young but it is on defense where we are most impressed where they have added real quality at the corners with Rodgers-Cromartie and Asomugha joining Asante Samuel in what could be mistaken for a Pro Bowl Corner line up. They have also added Cullen Jenkins taken from main rival Green Bay, which has added even more depth on the D Line giving them one of the most complete squads both sides of the ball we have seen in years. The best team on paper doesn’t always win the Superbowl but we will be surprised if the Eagles are not in the Championship game at least.

2 New York Giants 10-6

The Giants missed out on the post season in 2010 despite their 10-6 finish and only really had themselves to blame by throwing away a big lead against the Eagles in a game which eventually cost them the division. They have some injury worries, however if Eli can get back to his best they are good enough to reach double digit wins. Jason Pierre-Paul should be able to cover in defense while Umenyiora gets himself fit again and if Jason Tuck recovers they will have a strong defense to build their season on. The Giants should take the second Wild Card spot.


3 Dallas Cowboys 9-7

Dallas were a big disappointment in 2010 promising so much pre season and then failing to deliver big style. With a few less injuries they should have a better 2011 however if they manage a winning season they will have done well given the strength of the division this season.

4 Washington Redskins 7-9

Washington like the Minnesota Vikings in the North are a potential dark horse team and although their 2010 record looks poor a look behind the numbers shows that they were much better than their 6-10 record would have you believe. Six of their defeats were by 4 points or less and their defeat against Detroit was by 8 points. With a little more luck they could have had a winning season. They have a pretty easy schedule in 2011 (divisional games aside) and look to have improved as a team leting players who didn’t fit the system go and replacing them with ones who do. The QB situation is the only reason we expect a losing season, and had the got this sorted we would have probably had them second. We expect the Skins to surprise a few people in 2011.


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