2012 NFL Draft Predictions Picks 13-18

Our predictions for picks 13-18:


Pick 13 Arizona Cardinals – OG David DeCastro Stanford

The Cardinals had an ok 2011 despite not having a settled QB and if they are going to progress in 2012 they need to protect whoever ends up as 1st choice at QB. Kevin Kolb took too many hits in 2011 and John Skelton showed he can win the close games; something he could do better if he had a little more time. So although they could do with another Wide Receiver we think they will wait until the second or third to pick someone up. If DeCastro has gone then they would probably elect to take a WR or possibly the best OT (they would love Reiff to still be around but we think there is no chance).

Pick 14 Dallas Cowboys – CB Dre Kirkpatrick Alabama.


The Cowboys look like they have filled a few holes in the free agency but CB still looks a worry going into 2012, and although Kirkpatrick has a few off the field problems this shouldn’t be enough to worry Jerry Jones unduly.  Other possibles include Mark Barron who looks like the best Strong Safety in the Draft by some way or possibly one of the top offensive line men if they should drop to 14.

Pick 15 Philadelphia Eagles – SS Mark Barron Alabama


The Eagles should have been the team of 2011 with their big signings, however it didn’t work out and one of the reasons was poor safety play. Although Andy Reid tends to Draft Defensive Linemen in round one, we feel that this year the needs are deeper in defense and if as we expect Dre Kirkpatrick is gone then Barron is the next logical choice. They could risk trading down , but with the Jets lying behind them Barron would go if they did so its possible but unlikely.

Pick 16 New York Jets- WR Kendall Wright Baylor.


The Jets biggest needs are probably a Nose Tackle and a Safety, however they can easily be addressed further down the draft as the obvious ones will be gone by now. So with WR being a problem and the versatile Wright likely to still be available this would make sense. Wright is not the tallest WR but he can be a threat in the slot and is a useful kick returner. Could he be the Ryan Cobb of the 2012 draft?

Pick 17 Cincinnati Bengals- (from Oakland) CB Stephon Gilmore South Carolina


The Bengals have a couple of 1st round picks in 2012 – not bad for a team which reached the playoffs and they can use these to add a bit of depth to their already promising squad. Although they have re-signed Pacman Jones we feel that CB is their biggest priority and are almos certain they will add one either here or at pick 21. Other possibles would be another WR or SS Mark Barron if he is still hanging around.

Pick 18 San Diego Chargers – G Cordy Glenn Georgia


The Chargers need to strengthen their O-Line and in our opinion Guard Cordy Glenn is the best likely to still be around. Other possibilities would be at Line Backer where Melvin Ingram or Manti Te’o may look tempting.

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