2015 NFL Predictions For The AFC

Well its that time of the year again and below is our divisional predictions for the coming season.


AFC East

New England 11-5 – Tom Brady starting in week 1 after the farcical “deflategate” Saga and with a huge chip on his shoulder now. Even though the division is tough its hard to see anyone closing the gap this year.

Miami Dolphins 9-7 – Could jump out 5-1 or even 6-0 but then things get real tough.

Buffalo Bills 9-7 – Great defence same about the offence, still they should ride their best feature to another winning season

NY Jets 7-9 – Another great defence which should get them a few close wins. Now if they had a QB and an offensive line … and a receiving core, ok you get the message.


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 10-6 – Just the best in this three horse race (sorry Browns fans).

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7 – Should score a lot of points but a tough division and a tricky schedule doesn’t help. Could still make the post season

Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 – Despite the haters we like Andy Dalton (not a lot but we do like him) again may sneak into the post season

Cleveland Browns 5-11 – If (and its a big if) JM matures into a franchise QB then next season they should compete. This year their schedule looks too tough for anywhere near 50%


AFC West

Denver Broncos 11-5 – Never write off Peyton Manning. The defence looks better this year and hopefully they will nurse PM a bit so he is not worn out by week 13.

San Diego Chargers 10-6 – With Philip Rivers now settled and a fair few talented players around him he should lead them into the post season

Kansas City Chiefs 8-8 – Plenty of talent but still inconsistent we have them at 8-8 but they could just as easy end up 10-6.

Oakland Raiders 5-11 – Could be Super Bowl contenders in 2017 if they continue to build through the draft. Jack del Rio cant work miracles though which is what would be needed with their schedule.



AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 12-4 – Andrew Luck fairly easy schedule possibly the weakest division in the NFL…need we say more.

Houston Texans 9-7 – Should pick up 4 divisional wins and beat Oakland when they meet. We think they can pick up 4 wins from their other 11 games

Tennessee Titans 5-11 – Marcus Mariota will have a good season, but he cant to an Andrew Luck with this squad.

Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13 – So unlucky with injuries. will probably compete in the 1st half of most games but its hard to see a 4th win.



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