49ers & Dolphins in Tug Of War For Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh will have a tough decision to make in 2011 given that he has been given the opportunity to return to the NFL with either the San Fransisco 49ers or Miami Dolphins for the 2011 season. Given that both will be prepared to offer big money for his services (possibly making him the leagues highest paid coach) the choice if he decides to take the leap will come down to who has the potential to make the playoffs soonest.

Both had pretty awful seasons with the 49ers finishing a miserable 6-10 in the weakest division in the NFL and Miami after a few injuries fading badly to end up 7-9 in what was admittedly a pretty strong AFC East.

The Dolphins at least look to have the foundations of a half decent team and once they sort their QB problems out (possibly in the draft) they could once again challenge for a wild card, however being stuck with the Patriots & Jets will mean a divisional title might be some time off.

The 49ers have a bit of talent and are in a winnable division so this might just sway the decision as even at 6-10 they only missed out on the post season by one divisional win.

Whatever happens it will be great to see Jim Harbaugh back as an NFL head coach.

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