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Cleveland Browns

How Cleveland Could Play The Draft

Fans of the Cleveland Browns will again be entering the draft build up with some trepidation, given the relatively poor performance of the team of late. This despite the number of draft picks they have had both from their poor showing and some judicious trades. However looking beyond their 4-12 2013 record shows a team with […] Continue reading →

Cleveland Browns 2011 Draft

The Browns had an ok season in 2010 and in Colt McCoy may have unearthed their QB for the next 10 years. Given his lack of weapons and the poor O-Line in front of him his six TDs to nine interceptions can be forgiven and we think that the Browns should use their no 6 pick to […] Continue reading →

2010 AFC North Season Prediction

Image via Wikipedia Last season the Cincinnati Bengals came from now where to not only take the division but also record a rare 6-0 divisional record, however it is unlikely that lightening can strike twice even with the addition of wiener sucking Terrell Owens, however with the Browns also set to improve this looks like […] Continue reading →

Cleveland Want The Rams 1st Draft Pick

The Cleveland Browns General Manager Tom Heckert says the Browns have  been in contact with the St Louis Rams regarding moving up the draft to take Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick. Despite signing Jake Delhomme Cleveland would still benefit from a franchise quarter back and with 10 draft picks this year they could […] Continue reading →

Cleveland Browns Snap Up Delhomme

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Having had a Quarter Back clear out of their own the Cleveland Browns have decided to give ex Carolina Panthers QB Jake Delhomme the job for the 2010 season. This will be keep up the good old Browns tradition of having a new starting Quarter Back virtually every season […] Continue reading →