A Weekend of Shocks Looks To Have set Up an All SEC BSC Championship

Just when it looked like the under pressure Big 12 would have something to cheer about this season after all, both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State effectively blew their chances with disapointing losses.

Oklahoma State had a shocking loss against Iowa State who snatched this unlikely win in the second period of OT, and given Iowa’s ranking they will find it hard to claw their ranking place back.

Oklahoma who we thought were a good thing for the BSC this year finally saw their slim chance evaporate thanks to a 45-38 defeat to the Baylor Bears. With an 8-2 record the Sooners will have to settle for one of the other bowls this year.  They are currently behind Kansas state and a loss to the Cowboys in their final game could leave them outside the top 10.

Oregon who looked the most likley beneficiary of a Cowboys slip up also lost against PAC 12 rivals USC and these two now have identical records and both trail Stanford who still have an outside chance.

Houston won again to move to 11-0, however they have had a fairly easy schedule and its hard to see them snatching the second BSC place.

So it looks like its LSU and either a rematch against the Tide (hopefully a better game) or perhaps Arkansas can sneal the place – they play LSU in their last game and ending the Tigers winning season would surely give them the place. The SEC West has sure proved to be the best conference in football in 2011.



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