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Picking the winner of the AFC South has been fairly routine for several years now thanks to one man Peyton Manning and as long as he is fit then the Colts will start the season as justifiable favourites for yet another AFC South title. If and its a massive if Peyton Manning recovers from his surgery for the new season then we see the Colts being triumphant again in 2011.


1 Indianapolis Colts – The Colts overcame a tough schedule last season finishing with a late flurry to for a 10-6 record.  2011 has not been a whole lot kinder as they have the tough NFC South to play, but so do their division opponents. They have not been particularly active in the free agency, concentrating their efforts on retaining rather than changing, and with only 5 draft choices in 2010 they have not been able to load up with Rookie talent. What they did draft looks spot on though and Anthony Castonzo should be a regular on the offensive line for many years. Overall we expect the Colts to go 11-5 and take the division.

2 Houston Texans – The Texans have never made the post season and given that its necessary to get past the Colts to do so its somewhat understandable. They have some talent particularly on offense with Andre Johnson being one of the leagues elite receivers, and look well stacked at running back now that Ben Tate is fit again. He might struggle to regain his position as starter thanks to Brian Fosters excellent season in 2010 and the rest of the corp look strong. If the Texans can sort out their secondary then a winning season is a possibility. They passed up the opportunity to address this in the draft early on going for the D line instead, however Brandon Harris (who we saw going earlier was a nice pick up deep into the second round. Overall the problems at corner remain in our opinion and although Kareem Jackson might step up this year it looks like costing them. Our view is that they might sneak a winning season but we feel its more likely that they will finish 8-8.

3 Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags had a pretty good 2010 and briefly threatening to unseat the Colts, however when the pressure came to bear they crumbled and they ended up at 8-8 thanks to losses in their final 3 games. Given they had the look of a team in transition this was an admirable achievement. In the draft they stepped up to grab Blaine Gabbert at 10 and this looks like a solid move, however with very few other draft picks available they have not been able to do much else. They were not helped by the loss of star running back Maurice Jones-Drew, towards the end of last season and his fitness level is likely to be key to their success in 2011. Overall we don’t think they have gotten any better and think with this schedule they will do well to match last season. Our prediction for them is 6-10.

4 Tennessee Titans – The Titans started well in 2010 and managed some impressive early wins in going 5-2, however then the wheels fell off big tome and they slumped to a 6-10 finish. They have parted company with Vince Young and Kerry Collins leaving Rookie Jake Locker as possible starter, although ex Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck might get the nod early. We were not overly impressed with their draft (Locker aside) and the franchise looks a little at odds with its self at the moment. The Titans will play hard and with Chris Johnston and Nate Washington probably going to be available they could score a few points. Overall we think they need this season to adjust and they will need a good draft in 2012 before they can get back to a winning season. Our prediction is for a 5-11 finish.

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AFC South Predictions. July 28th, 2011 | By boadurichard. by Jon Reynolds. The AFC South has the potential to be one of the more interesting divisions in the entire NFL. The AFC South has a perennial contender with the Colts.

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3 Indianapolis Colts · Indianapolis Colts Nfl 2011-12 season predictions Sports & Games picture. AFC SOUTH PREDICTIONS Colts- 10-6. Texans- 9-7. Jaguars- 8-8. Titans- 6-10. Comment

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