Albert Haynesworth Joins Tampa as Gerald McCoy Is Out For The Season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved quickly to claim the 350-pound defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth off waivers as  cover for Gerald McCoy who is out for the season with a torn right biceps muscle. This was a bit of a surprise given Haynesworths recent record and the Buccs general manager Mark Dominik admitted that the move was solely driven by the McCoy injury.

A couple of years ago Haynesworth, who had 24 sacks in his seven seasons with the Tennessee Titans was one of the NFL’s hottest Defensive Lineman, however his form has been poor since he signed a seven-year, $100 million free-agent contract with the Redskins.  He was traded at the start of the season however he has fared no better in New England having produced only three tackles in six games.

The Buccs are taking a major gamble here given his disruptive reputation and with their season finely balanced any distraction could effectively end their playoff hopes again.

We hope the Albert Haynesworth recaptures some of his early Titans form for them, however we wont hold our breath, and if he doesn’t we expect his next unemployment stint to last a bit longer than a day; still with all that Redskins money in his bank account we doubt he would need food stamps if that eventuality arises.

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