Auburn Snatch Another Big Win Over South Carolina

Auburn may have lost a lot of last seasons BSC Championship starters, however they are showing that they could be a force again in the not too distant future as they ground out a big win against the Gamecocks. As we predicted this was a close game and when the Tigers missed the extra point in the second quarter following Michael Dyer’s  1 Yd TD run we feared that it might come back to haunt them. However despite falling behind in the third they rallied late to snatch the game inside the final 2 minutes thanks to Barrett Trotter’s TD pass. Trotter struggled to make much of an impression against the strong South Carolina secondary, however they looked mighty impressive on the ground, while the Gamecocks offense continued to splutter much as it did against Vanderbilt. This defeat has quite rightly dropped them in the rankings, however with a fairly lightweight schedule this year we still expect them to take the SEC East.

As for Auburn – well the games just get tougher and tougher and if by some miracle they win their next three games well a repeat BSC Championship couldn’t be ruled out. We are looking forward to their trip to Arkanasus which could be another upset.

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