Baltimore Ravens Slug Out Big Win Against Jets

The Baltimore Ravens outlasted the New York Jets in a game in which defenses were on top most of the time.  The Jets were held to 60 yards passing, throwing up question marks about whether Mark Sanchez has the ability to take New York all the way. The Ravens will also leave this game questioning their offense which managed only 49 yards rushing and couldn’t turn 233 yards through the air into more points. The games only touchdown came from Willis McGahee’s 1 yd run just before the half, and otherwise it was field goals all round as the game ended 10-9 to the Ravens.

Although not a spectacle this game does show is that these teams have superb defenses and teams have ridden a strong defense to the Super Bowl in the past so neither should start worrying too much. They will also be pleased with their big free agency signings with Anquan Bolden leading the receiving for the Ravens with 110 yards and La Danian Tomlinson picking up 62 yards rushing with an average gain of 5.6.

Both sides look playoff bound and there is a good chance they will meet again in the post season.

Baltimore’s Haloti Ngata Sacks Mark Sanchez

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