Favre Gets a Painful Reintroduction To The NFL

In a brief return to the field Brett Favre was handed a painful reminder of what is to come this year as his 4 play stint ended with a heavy sack for a 10 yard loss.

After 3 unspectacular downs he failed to spot ta 49ers blitz and ended up being hit hard by 49ers pro bowler Patrick Willis for a 10 yard loss. This was enough for him in his 1st game since the brutal loss in the NFC Championship game and he was replaced by Travaris Jackson.

Brad Childers hadn’t planned to give Favre much game time so there is nothing to read into this and Favre will probably feature a litte more in their next pre season game.

The match was won 15-10 by San Francisco and although its only a pre-season game they did show signs of being close to a playoff team. Last season the 49ers lost several close away games including 27-24 against the Vikings and this cost them any playoff chances they had. If they can show a bit more tenacity this season they can probably win a weak NFC West.

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