Is Kansas States BSC Championship Destinty in their own Hands?

Few will argue that either Alabama or LSU will compete in the BSC Championship this season, with the winner of their Nov 5th meeting undoubtedly taking the spoils. However who the eventual winner will face is still up for grabs, and although Oklahoma State seems to be everyone’s prediction in our opinion the team in most control of their destiny is the Kansas State Wildcats, who currently sit at 7-0 and wins in their next two games would almost certainly catapult them from No 8 into the top 4 at least.

Any chance they have will effectively end if they fail to beat Oklahoma on Saturday and although the Sooners are a good team they are not infallable aand are currently licking their wounded pride after their loss to Texas Tech. This dropped them to 9th in the BSC Rankings and effectively ended their Championship aspirations.

The Wildcats on the other hand have been a bit of a revelation in the Big 12 this season and their run of wins has not been against nobodies either as they have beaten Baylor and Texas Tech in recent weeks. Whether the Wildcats defense can cope with Landry Jones is a big question, however Kansas seem to be the masters of the big play this season and if they can keep it close then who knows.

Ironically one of the teams whos season they have ruined can do them a big favour on saturday as Baylor take on The Cowboys.

The big two might have the weekend off but there is still plenty to get excited about this Halloween weekend.

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