Johnny Manziel Schedules A Meeting With New England

It is reported that ex Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is having a pre draft meeting with the New England  Patriots this week, however its not clear what the purpose is other than him getting a free lunch. It is no secret that they will have to eventually find a replacement for Tom Brady (big shoes to fill), however given they pick 29 in this years draft, Johnny would have to have an Arron Rodgers style slide to reach that deep and its hard to see Bill Belichick trading up dramatically to take a player who would only start in the most extreme of circumstances , and in any event Ryan Mallett whom they picked up in the 3rd round in 2011 looks like he has some potential, and will know the system given he has carried the clip board around for a while now. Overall we think this is more of a polite meet and greet and that JM will be plying his trade with one of the other 31 teams in 2014.

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