Khalil Mack How High Can He Go?

Khalil Mack is fast becoming the Buzz of the 2014 NFL Draft, thanks to some pretty impressive workouts and of course a sparkling performance at the Combine. When way back in January 2013 there was talk of him eschewed his college career in favour of joining the NFL  he was predicted to be a third or maybe even a fourth-round Pick. However he decided not to enter the draft and instead play out his senior season. Now the talk is not of the former  Buffalo linebacker being a lower pick, but instead possibly being the No 1 pick overall. which could yet see someone trade up to get him.

His stock rose early last season with a big performance in the Bulls loss at Ohio State, which included a second quarter TD scoring interception, and 2½ sacks, and his improvement continued with him recording double digit tackles in 4 games and a total of 10.5 sacks for the season.  Although he didn’t really shine on the big stage of the Potato Bowl by then he was most definitely on everyone’s board as a 1st round pick, and from early 2014c on he has continued to climb.

We originally had him as the 6th Pick, and at this stage we are not sure if someone will make the big move for him, however the rumours continue to circulate and it is highly possible that someone will make Houston or the Rams an offer they cant refuse, or of course one of them may just decide to pull the trigger and pick him.

Overall we still think Atlanta are the team most likely to draft him, but whether this is at pick 6 or thanks to a trade up is now becoming more debatable.

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