Lawrence Taylor Gets 6 Years Probation

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One of the all time great Linebackers Lawrence Julius Taylor or L.T. as he is better known has been given 6 years probation for having sexual contact with an under age prostitute. LT has admitted to the reduced charge of sexual misconduct to avoid a potential jail term for statutory rape.

Looking at the facts of this case we are led to wonder if this would ever have came to trial if LT was not in the public eye, and we will watch carefully for the trials of any of the “victims” other abusers (paying customers) who so far seem to be anonymous.

Now don’t get us wrong, we view any sex crime as abhorrent, especially when perpetrated against children, and we would happily support castration for anyone found guilty of serious and sustained abuse. However in this case the victim was not a little child (16 is well over the age of consent in many countries) and at $300 a time she as probably not a novice at the game. Lawrence Taylor was guilty of a serious lapse in discretion and better judgement, however to brand him a predatory sex offender seems a bit like a knee jerk reaction, and smacks more of publicity seeking by certain parties than a quest for justice.

Whatever LT should be remembered not as a sex pervert who needs to be banned from contact with his adopted son and excluded from simple things like DVD players and the use of the internet, but as one of the finest defensive players ever to pull on the NY Giants shirt and possibly the best defensive player the NFL has produced to date.

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