Mike Singletary Becomes the latest NFL Head Coach Casualty

Mike Singletary finally got the bullet yesterday as the San Fransisco 49ers slumped to 5-10 on the season despite playing in the abysmal NFC West – by far the weakest division in the whole NFL. Watcing the game it was clear that his frustration was getting the better of him and his public tirade aimed at Troy Smith during the game, which was aired on TV probably hastened the decision.

We have great respect for Mike Singletary the player as was but from what we have seen he is not head coach material and his abrasive style is not well suited to getting the best out of a struggling team; after all you only have to look at the equally obnoxious Mike Shanahan’s efforts in Washington to see how it can affect team moral.

Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula will take charge against the Cardinals in the seasons finale at Candlestick Park in Week 17. The final score was 25-17 to the St louis Rams and this ended the 49ers slim chances of making the playoffs at 7-9 showing how bad the NFC West is this year.

It could still end up being won at 7-9 if the Seahawks beat the Rams in the final game.

Video of Singletray v Smith



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