2009 NFC Conference


The NFC has not produced many Super Bowl winners of late and the winner probably won’t be from this conference again this year still there are some good teams and several divisions should be very close.

NFC North

This looks quite open with the only thing being near certain is that The Detroit Lions won’t win it, however they won’t be 0-16 again. Dismissing the Lions who will need more than an admittedly promising Rookie Quarterback to make an impact it is hard to separate the other three.

The Bears have always lacked a quarterback but now have a proven one in Jay Cutler. His experience and Chicago’s undoubted defensive qualities might just be enough to take top spot. Brett Farve if (and it’s a big if) manages to keep his shoulder ok could take the Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl. Minnesota have a strong squad however the risk with Favre’s arm means they may have to settle for second place. The Packers are really close to having a really good team with Aaron Rodgers looking likely to hold down the QB job for many years. The only concern with Green Bay is on defence and despite drafting well this might be a season too early for them. A winning record is a possibility as is the chance of taking the second Wild Card. As for the Lions well what can you say they were bad last year – not awful but most definitely bad as their 0-16 record showed.  The best they can hope for is a few wins and for Stafford to establish himself at the QB position.

Overall predictions:

1st Chicago Bears

2nd Minnesota Vikings

3rd Green Bay Packers

4th Detroit Lions

NFC South

This looks like being a tough division again this year and there is a good chance of the bottom team making good again as has happened for several years now. The Falcons appear to be back to something like their best and The Saints despite finishing bottom last year played pretty well. The Panthers are still looking good which leaves the Buccaneers as the only team going backwards. A tough one to call but I just give the nod to The Saints in what could be a very close division.  

1st New Orleans Saints

2nd Atlanta Falcons

3rd Carolina Panthers

4th Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC East

Probably the most competitive division in all of the NFL with any of the four teams being good enough to be contenders in any other division. Not an easy one to call but I like the look of The Eagles who somehow found themselves in the playoffs last year following a number of fortunate results. However when there they set about showing why they have been the most consistent NFC team over the last 10 years. I take them to win the division and go on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Giants are always going to be tough especially with their power running game and despite the loss of Terrell Owens Dallas will be there or there about. That leaves the Redskins again ruing the fact they are in such a powerful division. Overall Predictions:

1st Philadelphia Eagles

2nd New York Giants

3rd Dallas Cowboys

4th Washington Redskins

NFC West

Probably the weakest division in American Football epitomised by the way the Cardinals almost sleep walked into the playoffs. Despite this the Cards certainly proved they were a good team and were unlucky not to be reigning Super Bowl Champions. The Seahawks were injury plagued last season and should be better this year, while the 49ers under Mike Singletary will improve. The Rams will be vying for the no 1 draft pick and will finish bottom.  It looks like 1 from 3 for the playoffs and I think the Cardinals might just be good enough to overcome the curse of the beaten finalist and take the division. Overall Predictions:

1st Arizona Cardinals

2nd Seattle Seahawks

3rd San Francisco

4th Los Angeles Rams

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