NFL 2011 Divisional Playoff Games

After last weeks surprise result in Denver the question is will the Divisional games go to form or will there be more surprises? Our view is that the shocks are over and we expect our pre season predictions to pretty much come true.

Our pre-season Divisional game predictions which can be seen here were were:

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles

These leading to a Packers – Saints NFC Conference final. We have no reason to change our predictions for the NFC and although the 49ers will be tough to beat in our opinion the Saints are just too good offensively and they will win a fairly low scoring game (by their standards) and in doing so wijn their first ever road playoff game.

Green Bay should get revenge for their post season loss to the Giants in 2007  and we really can’t see how the Giants can win this one as the Packers are better in all areas, and barring a major colapse or a spate of injuries they should be taking on the Saints in a weeks time.

In The AFC we predicted the divisional games to end up:

NY Jets at New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

This leading to a Ravens @ Patriots AFC Championship game. Again we see no reason to change our predictions and think that Denver will not get lucky twice in the post season, while Houston wont be able to run the ball against the Ravens well enough to trouble them.

So overall our Divisional tips are

Green Bay 31 Ny Giants 20

New Orleans 27 San Francisco 13

New England 34 Denver 14

Baltimore 21 Houston 13


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