NFL 2011 Week 7 Results Is Detroits Bubble Bursting

Week 7 threw up some interesting results and things are starting to tighten up in all the divisions, with only Green Bay remaining undefeated after a hard fought win at Divisional Rivals Minnesota. Once again the Vikings who are 1-6 played well but couldn’t hang onto a lead and Green Bay will be pleased to come away from this one still with a 100% record.

Their main divisional rivals Detroit lost again – something of a rarity of late and now they are 5-2 thanks to tow consecutive home losses. They never looked like winning against the Falcons despite Matt Ryan throwing two interceptions and with a fairly tough schedule from here on in their fans must be praying that their 5-0 start was not a blip.

The London game saw the Bears grind out an important win, which technically at this stage puts them ahead of the Buccs and Falco9ns in the wild card race. Tampa did rally strongly in the 4th quarter but overall the Bears deserved their win.

Result of the night is close but we are going for Kansas City who shut out the Raiders in their 28-0 win. It was not a night for the QBs with none of them achieving a passer rating above Matt Cassell’s dismal 38.3. Carson Palmer looked like his short retirement had affected him as he threw an interception, which let to a TD and he finished with a rating of 17.9.

The nights other impressive win was the Saints demolition of the Colts – if ever there was a one man team its Indy and the management there need to seriously look at how they have structured the team over the past few years and learn from their mistakes. The final score was a humiliating 62-7.

The Results in full


NY Jets 27, San Diego 21
Chicago 24, Tampa Bay 18
Carolina 33, Washington 20
Atlanta 23, Detroit 16

Cleveland 6, Seattle 3
Denver 18, Miami 15 (OT)
Houston 41, Tennessee 7
Kansas City 28, Oakland 0

Pittsburgh 32, Arizona 20 
Green Bay 33, Minnesota 27
Dallas 34, St. Louis 7
New Orleans 62, Indianapolis 7 


Jacksonville 12, Baltimore 7

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