NFL Legend George Blanda Dies Age 83

NFL Hall of Fame member George Blanda passed away on 27th September 2010. His career spanned 26 seasons and 4 teams and when he finally retired at age 49 he held a number of records, some of which have only recently been broken.

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He mainly played as Quarter Back and Kicker, although he did have a spell as Linebacker, making him one of the most versatile players ever, and the following records should stand the test of time:

Most seasons played: 26 1949–58 & 1960–75

Most seasons scoring at least one point: 26

Oldest person to play in an NFL game

First player ever to score over 2,000 points

Oldest quarterback to start a title game

Most total points  in a career: 3,418

The one he would have liked to go is

Most interceptions thrown, single season: 42 (1962)

His playing career was constituted as follows:

NFL Chicago Bears (1949)
NFL Baltimore Colts (1950)
NFL Chicago Bears (1950–1958)
AFL Houston Oilers (1960–1966)
AFL Oakland Raiders (1967–1969)
NFL Oakland Raiders (1970–1975)

Given the way the NFL is today it is unlikely we will ever see his like again and although he is now gone it is assured he will never be forgotten for as long as American Football is played.  RIP Mr Blanda.

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