NFLPA Trying To Disrupt The Draft

It is turning into a sad season for all NFL fans as first we have a breakdown in talks which could lead to a walkoit, and now the NFLPA who despite no longer representing the players are trying to disrupt the draft by coercing the top players to boycott the event scheduled to be held at Radio City Music Hall on April 28-30.

Quite what they hope to achieve by denying several young prospects what will be a day to remember is not clear, however they are not endearing themselves to the fans world wide who enjoy seeing the top players holding up the jersey for the first time.

When telephone figure sums of money are involved there will always be some petty shenanigans, however this looks like a bit of vindictiveness which hasnot been properly thought through.

Anyway hopefully common sense will prevail and Gabbert et al will show up to show off their new teams shirt with pride.

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