Offense Finally wins through – Partiots v Giants In The Superbowl

With the freely scoring Packers and Saints both losing in the divisional game it looked like 2011 was gong to be the year of the defense, however New England and the NY Giants had different ideas and we are now going to be treated to a rematch of Superbowl XLII.


The Ravens and 49ers were the dominant defensive teams in 2011 and as expected they ensured that both games were close however from a neutrals point of view the prospects of Tom Brady up against Eli Manning is slightly more appealing than the defensive slug fest that a Harbaugh Bowl would have been.

So now the Patriots who will be in their 5 Superbowl in the last 11 seasons have the chance t0 avenge their loss to the Giants who themselves are the only NFC team to have made a second Superbowl in that time period.

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