2011 Final Mock Draft

OK its nearly upon us and without further ado heres our final mock draft. A couple of minor changes given that it looks like Cam Newton and not Blaine Gabbert will have the dubious honour of being QB for Carolina. Otherwise its much the same as we initially picked. We think there is a good […] Continue reading →

Washington Redskins 2011 Draft

Where should the skins go in the 2011 draft. I’m not sure they know themselves given they have so many imponderablesespecially at QB. McNabb looks like he will be gone as soon as there is a free agency and is Rex Grossman really the answer under centre? Sure he reached a Superbowl with the Bears, […] Continue reading →

Tennessee Titans 2011 NFL Draft

The Titans had a miserable 2010 which is reflected in their no 8 pick. They desperately need to sort out their QB position, however with Gabbert and Newton likely gone, it will be interesting to see how they play it. A trade down to the mid teens would probably not be enough to guarantee picking […] Continue reading →

Cleveland Browns 2011 Draft

The Browns had an ok season in 2010 and in Colt McCoy may have unearthed their QB for the next 10 years. Given his lack of weapons and the poor O-Line in front of him his six TDs to nine interceptions can be forgiven and we think that the Browns should use their no 6 pick to […] Continue reading →

Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Draft Options

After a rare AFC North clean sweep in 2009, and with the arrival of T.O. expectations for last season were high, however as often happens the following season was a bust and here they are picking at No 4. The Terrell Owens experiment doesn’t appear to have worked for them and with their only experienced […] Continue reading →