Peyton Manning Heads For Denver

It now looks increasingly likely that Peyton Manning (who became a free agent on 7th March) will be heading for the Denver Broncos. The ex Colts QB has had discussions with various franchises, however it looks like legendary Broncos QB John Elway (now in charge) has persuaded him that his future is with them.

This move throws up a major question mark against Tim Tebow who guided the team to the playoffs last season and he looks likely to be traded with Adam Weber probably being kept as back up.

This move is bad news for the rest of the AFC West as the Broncos look to have a defense and an offensive line – something the Colts were lacking despite their incredible run of success with Peyton at the helm.

A quick look at Betfair (the UK betting exchange) shows the reaction with the Broncos odds tumbling rapidly from around 100-1 to 18-1 for the Superbowl since the announcement.

It is not a done deal yet but if it comes off and Peyton is fit then the Broncos will be a playoff team at least again in 2012.  

Obviously this decision also pretty much signals the destination of Andrew Luck in the forthcoming draft.


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