Philadelphia Trade Donovan McNabb To The Redskins!

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In what can only be described as either a stroke of genius or an act of madness The Philadelphia Eagles have traded veteran Quarter Back Donovan McNabb to their NFC East Rivals The Washington Redskins for the 37th Pick in this years draft and another pick in the 3rd or 4th round next year.

Now either the Eagles know something about McNabbs fitness or commitment or they have just made one of the stupidest decisions in franchise history since trading Sonny Jurgensen to the Redskins in 1964 after which he played 11 seasons for then and became a Hall of Famer. My view is that this trade will haunt the Eagles for a few seasons and this will make the Redskins a force in the NFC this year with a Wild Card place not being out of the question. Mike Shanahan has already picked up Rex Grossman who will probably be backup so Jason Campbell will be out in the cold after 3 years  as starter; I would expect him to move on.

So where does this leave Philly? Well they will still have Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, both of whom could start but both only have one year left on their contracts so it is possible that Philly will pick up a young QB if there is a good prospect in the latter rounds.

This surprise trade does make the 2010 draft a tad more interesting and will mean one less team competing for the top Quarter Back prospects, possibly meaning some great value will be available in the early stages of the second round.

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