Seattle Seahawks Pull Off Major Upset

The old NFL adage “Any Given Sunday” can now be changed to any given Saturday too thanks to this win which saw the Reigning Superbowl champions crash out in a highly entertaining game. Many were questioning the NFL playoff seedings following Seattle joining the NFC’s final six with a dismal 7-9 record and this was reflected in them being 11 point underdogs at home. This is not something any team would be proud of, however hthey went on to show that point lines mean nothing when the ball is spotted and the Seahawks are now only two wins away from a return to the Superbowl. 

The final score of 41-36 was also quite a surprise given neither side have shown a lot of explosive offense this season however the tone was set early as the Saints swept into the lead, only for veteran QB Matt Hasselbank to throw 4 TDs to give Seattle a comfortable lead going into the final quarter. They looked nervous though and they very rearly allwed the Saints back into it , before they effectively tied the game up with an incredible running TD to put themselves 11 points up.

Drew Brees wasnt done though and he scored a quick TD but they missed the 2 point conversion and now the seahawks will face either Chicago or Atlanta in the divisional game next weekend.  

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