Week 2 Predictions Review

Well as expected I couldn’t quite manage 13-3 again but 12-4 was pleasing given there were some tough games to call.

First the good

Atlanta 28, Carolina 20 Prediction Atlanta by 7+
Minnesota 27, Detroit 13 Prediction Vikings by 10+
Oakland 13, Kansas City 10 Prediction Oakland by 3 points
Washington 9, St. Louis 7 Prediction Washington by 10
Arizona 31, Jacksonville 17 Prediction Cardinals by 7 or less
Buffalo 33, Tampa Bay 20 Prediction Bills By 14+
San Francisco 23, Seattle 10 Prediction 49res by 3
Chicago 17, Pittsburgh 14 Prediction Bears by 3
Baltimore 31, San Diego 26 Prediction Ravens by 7
Denver 27, Cleveland 6 Prediction Broncos by 14
NY Giants 33, Dallas 31 Prediction Giants by 10
Indianapolis 27, Miami 23 Prediction Colts by 14

Even managed two correct winning margins and 3 others won by the margin expected.

Now the not so good L


Cincinnati 31, Green Bay 24 – Expected an easy Packers win Rogers did his bit but the defence slipped up.

Houston 34, Tennessee 31 – Expected it to be close but gave the Titans the edge
 NY Jets 16, New England 9 – Looks like the Jets are better than I thought J
New Orleans 48, Philadelphia 22 – I will have to check the starting rosters in the future as if I had known Andy Reed was going with Kolb at QB I would have changed my predictions big style. Kolb might make a good QB someday but looked out of his depth and from the 1st quarter when the Eagles kept lining up in the Wild Cat there was only going to be one winner.

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