Week 5 Recap

Another OK week with plenty of good games and a few questions answered regarding who is for real this year. Anyway heres the predictions and the results.

Cleveland v Buffalo  Bills by 3 in a low scoring game

Actual Cleveland 6-3 Ok got the fact it wouukd be a crap game right and even the winning margin – just the wrong way around. The highlight of the game was probably Terrell Owens rushing for 6 yards.
Dallas V Kansas City Close one just Dallas by a TD or less

Actual Dallas 26-20 in OT – well would have been by a TD had they kicked the extra point. Both teams getting better but not play offs bound.
Minnesota v St. Louis Easy win for the vikings 21 points +

Actual Minnesota 38-10. A stroll for the Vikings as expected against a haples St Louis Rams. At least Detriot made a bit of a fist of last years dismal 0-16 record the Rams are looking like a team who have given up completely. At least they will get the No 1 draft pick.

Oakland V NY Giants  A stroll for the Giants 21 points +

Actual Giants 44 -7 a stroll nuf said about this one.
Tampa Bay V Philadelphia  – Easy Eagles win 14 points +

Actual Philadelphia 33-14. As expected with Donovan McNabb back as QB the Eagles were far too strong for the regressing Bucks who will be lucky not to finish bottom of the NFC South this year.
Pittsburgh v Detroit – Steelers by a TD+

Actual Pittsburgh Steelers 28-20. As predicted this was closer than many expected and Culpepper showed he could still stand tough and had a good game. Detroit caome out of this game with a lot of credit and are going to be a half decent team in a year or two if they continue to progress at this pace.

Washington V Carolina  Close one Panthers by 3 points

Actual Carolina Panthers 20-17. Two teams who have failed to progress from last year fighting out a close game as expected. Finishing second bottom of their divisions will be as good as it gets on this showing for both of them.
Cincinnati at Baltimore Could be closer than expected but I still go for the Ravens by a TD or less

Actual Cincinnati 17-14. Ok it looks like the Bengles are for real and this was a gutsy performance in which their defense actually stepped up again and closed down Flacco’s options. Whether they can sustain it is difficult to predict at the moment but right now they are deservidly top of the AFC North and are there to be caught. The Ravens have had 2 close defeats and hopefully they will not lose confidence as they have played well enough in both to indicate they could make the championship game again.

Atlanta at San Francisco – Atlanta by 7

Actual Atlanta 45-10. Can you hear the gentle hiss, thats the 49ers bubble slowly deflating. Beating poor teams is one thing but they were cruely exposed by a good atlanta team who hit them with the old one two with Turner on the ground and Roddy White through the air. Ryan put up impressive numbers and the Falcons are going to be a force in the NFC again this year. The 49ers are lucky they are in the worst division in the NFL and unless Singleterry can weave some magic they will struggle to get past the cardinals for the post season place. The Wild cards are not comming out of the NFC West.

Jacksonville at Seattle Seahawks by a TD or less

Actual Seattle 41-0. Blinking in disbelief what happened to the Jags did the defense miss the plane? Given the Seahawks were missing a load of starters and Hasselbeck was pumped full of painkillers I had expected this to be closer. This was the biggest shut out in 25 years for the Hawks who might just give the Cards a run for their money in the divisional title race if they can get their players fit. As for the Jags I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Jack Del Rio had the Monday Team talk.
Houston at Arizona – Cardinals by 10 points or less

Actual Cardinals 28-21. Well done to the Cardinals defense for that monumental last minute goal line stand. Both these teams are quite good and Houston showed a lot of character to make a game of it when 21-0 down at half time. Both could figure in the post season with the Cards probably going through as division winners.

New England at Denver – Brady is back to near his best  NE by 14 +

Actual Denver 20-17 in OT. Well it looks like Denver are going to be a handful this year.  This was a mighty impressive result and the last time Denver started 5-0 they won the Super Bowl. Can they do it again is a questing best left for a few more weeks but they are moving in the right direction. Lets hope they dont dig out those Mustard Yellow uniforms again though.
Indianapolis at Tennessee – Colts by 10 +

Actual Colts 31-9. Not much to say except that not in my wildest dreams did I expect to see the Titans at 0-5. The Clots are looking good for the play offs as their divisional rivals are all poor or in Houstons case inconsistent.
NY Jets at Miami could be close but its the Jets for me by 7 points.

Actual Miami 31-27. What a 4th quarter 5 touch downs and a comeback win for the Dolphins. Sanchez may need a bit more support as his numbers were poor and maybe too much is being expected of a Rookie QB. Still at least the AFC East looks competative this year.

Final prediction score 11-3.  Season to date 60-16

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