Week 6 Results

Not a good week predictions wise with a few close games and a shock result. So what happened.


Houston 28, Cincinnati 17  (prediction Cincinnati By 7-10 Points)


Schaub & Johnston had good games and the Texans defense stopped the Bengals with rather too much ease. Is this the Bengals bubble finally bursting? Too early to say but losing games like this will not get you into the playoffs in the AFC.

Green Bay 26, Detroit 0 (prediction Packers By 7-10 Points)


A good day at the Field by Aaron Rodgers and some awful Detroit passing is reflected in the score. The Lions need Stafford just to look Bad.

Minnesota 33, Baltimore 31 (prediction Baltimore By 7 Points or less)


A surprisingly high scoring game given the quality of the defenses on show and as close as expected with the Ravens having the chance to snatch it again at the death – worringly they failed again and with 3 close defeats in a row their ability to handle the pressure is now a factor. The Vikings are looking good for the NFC North title but if Favres arm doesnt hold up a trip to the SuperBowl might be a step too far.

New Orleans 48, NY Giants 27 (prediction Saints By 7 Points)


The Saints are for real this year and this is a statement win which will also give them the head to head over The Giants which might just prove vital in the latter stages when home field advantage can be a big factor. Both teams look playoffs bound and I wouldnt bet against them meeting again in the post season.

Pittsburgh 27, Cleveland 14   (prediction Pittsburgh By 14-21 Points)


417 yards by Big Ben tells the story of the game The Steelers are back on track and its likley to be a long cold winter for Cleveland.  I expected it to be easier but a nice win all things considered.

Carolina 28, Tampa Bay 21 (prediction Tampa By 7 Points or less)


Two average to bad teams who will not be bothering the scheduler come January – Tampa at 0-6 are now in a real slump and it is not east to find where their first will will come from. Not the best preparation for the Pats at Wembley.

Kansas City 14, Washington 6 (prediction Redskins By 7 or Less)



Another battle of the also rans and a disapointing performance by the Red Skins who seem to be making a habit of playing badly against weaker teams.

Jacksonville 23, St. Louis 20 (OT) (prediction Jags By 10 Points)


The Jags may have scraped the win but this was far from impressive. Maybe The Rams will manage a win this year after all based on this and probably should have if Steve Spagnuolo had allowd Bulger to go for the win rather than kick a tying field goal.

Arizona 27, Seattle 3  (prediction Cardinals By 7 or Less)


A walk in the park for the Cards against a badly beaten up Seahawks. Seattle could do with a month off to get some players fit again.

Oakland 13, Philadelphia 9  (prediction Eagles By 14+)


The Shock of the season so far. The Eagles will bounce back and the Raiders will get some confidence from this. Just goes to show that on any given Sunday ….


New England 59, Tennessee 0  (prediction New England By 7 or Less)


A great performance by Brady cant disguise how poor the Titans have become. This was a shameful capitulation by a team who should have at least shown some pride and tried to make a game of it. I fear for Tampa this coming week. As for The Titans they will have to take a long hard look at themselves after this dismal performance.

Buffalo 16, NY Jets 13 (prediction Jets By 7 or Less)


It looks like the Jets are finally being exposed for what they are – a mediocre team who have had a bit of luck this year. Sanchez looks like a rookie now.
Atlanta 21, Chicago 14 (prediction Atlanta By 7 )


Spot on with this one and both teams look likley to have good seasons although the Wild cards are their likley routes into the post season.

Denver 34, San Diego 23


Well now I have to take Denver seriously – this was a good win and the Division is theirs to lose. Can the Broncos go on to win the SuperBowl ? Probably not but they have certainly proved to be the surprise of the season and have a great chance at making the post season. The Chargers look like a team in transition with a few aging stars and a good quarterback but not much else. They might miss out on the post season on this performance.


So there we have it – my worst set of predictions in the 5 years I have kept records 7-7 leaving me at 67-23 for the season. Oh well you have got to have a bad week sometime .

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