Worrying Times At Pittsburgh As Leftwich Limps Off

The Pittsburgh Steelers face the prospect of starting the season with veteran QB Charlie Batch after Byron Leftwich sprained his knee in the Steeler’s final preseason game; an uninspiring19-3 win against a second string Carolina Panthers.

Charlie Batch has played second fiddle at Pittsburgh since joining them in 2003 and during his stay he has only managed 1034 yards passing and 8 touchdowns.  The only other eligible QB on the roster is  Dennis Dixon a 5th round Draft pick in 2008, however given his lack of experience it is unlikely they will go with him initially.

Leftwich will have a MRI scan on his knee to assess the damage, but the noise coming out of the camp is not positive, and with Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension unlikely to be reviewed Pittsburgh will have to move fast if they are to avoid accepting a handicap that could cost them any chance they have in the competitive AFC North this season. Whats the odds that Matt Leinart gets a call?

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