More Favre Rumours Will He Wont He?

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Once again the NFL close season has got some drama to keep us going as one day Brett Favre has allegedly texted his team mates to say hes had enough then the next he is stating publicly that he will play if he feels fit enough.

This is all well and good but poor Travaris Jackson must be wondering what the future hold for him and the gossip surrounding the Vikings camp cant be helping with their preparations. It would be great to see Brett Favre back for another season but please make a decision if for no other reason than I would like to finalise my 2010 season finishing positions and potential Super Bowl Winners list. Obviously a fit and committed Brett Favre will make the NFC North title winner easier to predict and possibly the NFC Superbowl representative too.

This could drag out for a bit yet but hopefully wont become a Jay Cutler style side show.

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