More Rule Changes To Protect Players

The NFL always seems to be tinkering with the rules, and even for die hard fans its sometimes hard to keep up, however this time some of the rule changes are good for the game.

The main rule change affects hits on defenseless players and is a welcome move and now states that any player in this position cant be hit in the head or neck area by an opponent who launches himself and using his helmet, shoulder or forearm to make contact.  This extends this level of protection to all players and not just receivers and should prevent a number of injuries each year.

Also players who lose their helmet will be protected with the play being blown dead once the players helmet comes off with the ball being spotted at the spot it happened. This should stop players continuing to run helmetless and so risking a hit.

These are good changes which should help prolong the playing career of many NFL stars which is good for the fans too.

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