NFL Conference Games

Down to the last four teams in the race to win Super Bowl 44 and with the possible exception of the New York Jets who have somehow found themselves in the AFC Championship Game there are no major surprises. The games do throw up a lot of interesting little side issues with the QBs in each having something to prove.

The NFC Game sees Veteran QB and probable future Hall of Fame member Brett Farve lead his Minnesota Vikings in what will be a tough game at the New Orleans Saints, who’s QB will also have something to prove having been effectively discarded by the San Diego Chargers in favour of Philip Rivers in 2006. Since then Rivers has proven to be an accomplished quarter back but still hasn’t managed to take them to the Super Bowl and it is arguable that Brees has been the better QB given the quality of the respective squads. Brett Farve will become the oldest starting Quarterback if the Vikings make it through.

In the AFC Conference final the Colts who went 14-0 in the regular season, before giving up in their last 2 game will face the New York Jets who ironically were one of the teams they effectively let win in game 15 so allowing them to sneak into the playoffs. Indianapolis & Peyton Manning will be looking to add a second win to their collection and in Peyton’s case thereby remaining top dog in the Manning family (he like his brother Eli currently has one ring). The Jets can expect a much tougher game this time round, however they have proved their metal and will go into this game in good heart and as the Bengals found out when being deservedly beaten in the Wild Card Game it is sometimes best not to give an opponent a second chance to come back at you.

As for the New York Jets who decided to go with rookie QB Mark Sanchez this season, might be wondering what if now, as they could end up facing last season’s quarter back Brett Farve who almost led them to the playoffs last season before his shoulder gave out. Could the ultimate irony be the Jets beating the Colts and then losing to their old QB. It can be a funny old game NFL.

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