Bill Parcells In Line to To Coach The Saints

Two time Super Bowl winning coach Bill Parcells is in line to take the interim coaching position with the New Orleans Saints following the suspension of Sean Peyton for allegedly offering bounty payments if a player would deliberately injure an opponent.

In our opinion Bill Parcells would make a good stand in even at 71. He has a wealth of experience and knows a number of systems having coached successfully at the Giants (both rings) as well as at the Patriots, Jets & Cowboys.

As for Sean Peyton we are surprised that he has the gall to appeal. Maybe someone needs to explain to him that deliberately injuring an opponent is not a trivial thing, American Football is a brutal and dangerous sport at the best of times, and asking someone to deliberately go out with the intention of causing injury (and possibly ending a career) is almost unforgivable. In our opinion he should Man up accept his punishment and come back a better coach for it.

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#L2T’s If Someone Is Suspended Den The Team Is Suppose To Suffer Right???? If Bill Parcells Go To Dem Den Dey Not Suffering

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