Super Bowl 3 New York Jets v Baltimore Colts

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Super Bowl III is notable for several reasons, not least of which was the shock result with the 18 points underdogs New York pulling off a stunning victory against Baltimore in what is still regarded as one of the biggest ever upset in sports history.  Pregame the Baltimore Colts were referred to as the greatest NFL team ever and when Jets Quarter Back Joe Namath guaranteed a New York Jets victory it was assumed his tongue was wedged firmly in his cheek.

However on the field things didn’t go according to the script as the Jets pulled off a tactical master stroke in playing their main deep threat Don Maynard despite him being injured. They managed to keep this info from the Colts and they double teamed him all game leaving single coverage on George Sauer, which allowed the Jets to pick up some easy yards.

Much to the shock of the spectators New York managed to take the lead with a second quarter Matt Snell 4 yard run and then added 3 field goals without reply to lead 16-0 in the fourth quarter. Baltimore brought veteran QB Johnny Unitas in to attempt a comeback and they did manage a late touch down, but it was to no avail as an AFL team won a Super Bowl for the 1st time.

Super Bowl III is also of note as this was the first time the title Super Bowl was officially applied to the game and also as the Colts switched to the AFC after the AFL- NFL merger meaning this pairing can never be repeated in the final.

Super Bowl III Result:

New York Jets 16  Baltimore Colts 7

Played 12th January 1969 at the Florida Orange Bowl

Attendance 75,389

Super Bowl 3 Video


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