Stan Kroenke To Buy The St Louis Rams

49ers–Rams rivalry
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Stan Kroenke has declared his intention to exercise his rights to buy the 60% of the St Louis Rams he doesn’t own. He has held his stake since the Rams moved from LA in 1995 and because of his other major sporting interests this move is something of a surprise, especially as English Premier League club Arsenal in which he owns a 29.9% stake may be coming available.

Still given his immense wealth buying both wouldn’t be a major problem for him and it is interesting to note that there is a loophole in the Rams’ lease which would allow the 25% of all NFL stadiums. Given the stadium is one of the league’s older venues being ranked in the top 9 seems unlikely. Although Kroenke has not indicated any desire to uproot the team again, this is still a potentially valuable option.

The St Louis Rams are coming off of their worst season ever finishing 1-15 (they only managed 1 win in 1937 & 1962 but played less games) and have only 6 wins in the last 3 seasons. They are widely expected to draft either Sam Bradford or Ndamukong Suh in the draft latter this month as their team rebuilding efforts continue.

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