Who Needs Von Miller? Maybe Denver still do

Well the 2013 season is finally under way and Denver even without star line backer  Von Miller managed to dispose of the Ravens challenge with some  ease. However like most things in life things are not always what they seem.


First the good (if you are a Denver Fan anyway) – Peyton Manning looks like his super bowl winning self again and 7 TDs in a game is just incredible. Whatever happens from now on in his career he is a shoo in for the HOF at the first ballot he is eligible for.  The rest of the Denver team although overshadowed by his achievement looked solid and nothing we saw on Thursday night has changed our opinion the the road to the 2013 Super Bowl will be through Mile High.

Now the question marks – Baltimore had so many new faces on the team we are sure there are fans who were saying “Who is that” on game day. Just watching the farcical situation on the messed up fair catch call is enough to emphasise this point, and the good news for Ravens fans is that the team can only get better. Also they may have lost heavily but they still racked up 27 points and were in front at half time.  Peyton made the adjustments well at half time but when he comes up against a more seasoned team things may prove a little tougher. Overall though, given that we don’t think the Ravens are a bad team things bode well for Denver going forward – an easy schedule (on paper anyway) and they will have a rested and hopefully wiser Von Miller returning well through the season. It will take him a bit of time to get back to match fitness and he should peak in those crucial final regular games.

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