2009 NFL Wild-Card Results

The Wild-card games didn’t produce too many shocks although fans of the Bengals will be a bit disapointed in their teams poor follow up showing against the Jets. Overall the Jets might have been given an easy ride into the playoffs but they won their match up on merit.

Anyway here the game results:

NY Jets 24, Cincinnati 14 – A solid if unspectacular performance by the Jets coupled with a poor Bengals showing was reflected in the score. I expected the Bengals to win this one but they loked a shadow of the team which played so well in the early part of the season. I dont expect to see them in the playoffs again for a few years and wouldn’t be surprised if Carson Palmer’s days as QB were numbered.

Dallas 34, Philadelphia 14 In another repeat of the previous weeks game the Eagles showed they are still in rebuilding and probably shows the general weakness of the NFC teams currently. The Eagles have been a very up and down team this year but given the changes in the roster probably will be pleased with the season. Dallas look solid enough and will enjoy playing in a dome against the Vikings. Like the Bengals The Vikings dont look like the team they were earlier in the season so this will probably be a close game.

Baltimore 33, New England 14 A fast start by the Ravens left the Patriots looking visibly shaken and the fans none too pleased judging by their reaction. To be fair the Ravens are a very good team and New England are in something of a transition as the players who helped them dominate the early part of the last decade either retired or were moved on. I expected the Ravens to win and if they repeat this form the Colts could be in trouble next week.

Arizona 51, Green Bay 45 (OT) Contrary to what the score would have you believe there was actually two reasonable defenses on the field last week but the offenses for both teams played exceptionally. The Cardinals like last year have staggered into the playoffs only to spring into life, and make no mistake this was a good win and the Packers could be Superbowl contenders next year. This was the highest points total in a playoff game and we should be treated to more of the same on Saturday. Any bets on this score being beaten?

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