Super Bowls 21-30

Super Bowls 21-30 were totally dominated by the NFC and the NFC East Division in particular with 7 of the 10 winners coming from this division. This was also the Super Bowls where the San Francisco 49ers established themselves as a dynasty winning three and taking their record in the final to 5-0. This run included a 55-10 win over Denver which remains the highest Super Bowl score to date. The Dallas Cowboys also won 3 and the New York Giants and Washington Redskins with  2 each completed the NFC domination.

In total only 9 franchises would compete in these Super Bowls, with the Buffalo Bills going on to lose four in a row  and Denver losing in three out of four. It was not a happy time for the American Football Conference (AFC).

Super Bowl XXI-XXX (21-30) Results and Overview

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