2010 AFC South Seasons Prediction

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The AFC South has been a successful division for several years now, largely thanks to the Indianapolis Colts who have been the most consistent team in the NFL for many years. This year looks no different and it is possible that two teams will make the playoffs from the South, given they have the relatively easy AFC West to play in their conference games.

The Indianapolis Colts will be keen to put the disappointment of 2009 behind them,which included throwing away the chance of a perfect season to keep their players fresh only for them to lose in the Super Bowl. The curse of the Bowl losers is unlikely to strike them this year though and they look near certainties for a play off birth and should add the divisional title to their list of honours. Their schedule is similar in strength to last seasons and if they can successfullt negotiate a tough looking November run, which includes New England & San Diego they should be well placed for the wild cards at least.

The Squad looks no worse than last year despite a bit of a clear out in free agency however they have drafted to fill those holes and with the quality they have on offense they can afford the odd defensive slip. Running back looks like their main problem area however they managed to reach the Super Bowl ranked 32 in rush offense so that shouldn’t be a problem. The gap is closing between them and their rivals, however they should manage to retain the crown for at least another season.

The Houston Texans are still looking for their first play off berth and they came mighty close last season thanks to a best ever 9-7 season. They are quietly building a formidable squad and although their defensive secondary still looks weak in certain areas they look as good as any team in the AFC.

Andre Johnston is probably the best wide receiver in the NFL at the moment and he is building up a great relationship with QB Matt Schaub, himself a very under rated talent. They have drafted pretty well and Kareem Jackson should help alleviate the loss of Dunta Robinson, and the defensive line is stuffed with talent so they should have another good season.

I cant see Houston taking the division with their schedule however second place beckons again and a wild card is a distinct possibility.

The Tennessee Titanshad a dreadful start to their 2009 season losing their 1st 6 games ending with a humiliating 59-0 loss against New England. Then they finished withan 8-2 run in and going into their last two games even had a slim chance of a playoff berth. The loss of Albert Haynesworth hit them harder than many forecast and their defensive ranking colapsed from 7th in 2008 to 28th in 2009. This is the big worry and although they have drafted a lot of defensive talent I am not sure they will have an impact in 2010.

The Titans will pose a threat offensively and Chris Johnson should pile up the running yards but they don’t look good enough overall to threaten either the Colts or Texans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are unlucky to be in such a strong division and although they will be a threat on the ground the rest of the squad looks distinctly average. They realised they need to upgrade their defense and have drafted 4 linemen with their 1st four picks. This will bode well for the future but will have virtually no impact in 2010. similarly their free agency moves look more like those of a rebuilding team than one looking to challenge for the division. If they can match last seasons 7 wins it will have been a good season for them.

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