2011 NFL Draft Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have the No 1 pick this year and without a second round pick they will need to use it carefully as they have several gaping holes on their roster.

The big question facing them will be whether to grab a QB in round 1 or wait and hope one falls to them with the first pick in round 3. Now normally this would have been an option, however with most of the top 10 teams this year probably interested in a QB this will probably be too risky for them so a QB looks likely.

At this stage we think they will go with Blaine Gabbert, with the caveat that he needs to impress at his pro day tomorrow. If he fails to impress then they will probably turn to Cam Newton who looks like the pick of the QBs at the moment.

There is a slim chance that they will forgo the no1 pick and offer a trade in the hope of picking up a decent second round pick as well, however the only team we feel might go for the trade is the Vikings and it will depend on how badly they want either Gabbert or Newton.

The Panthers still have Jimmy Claussen who never really got a proper chance last year playing behind their paper thin offensive line, so they could settle for another Mediocre season and start building their line again however if they forgo a QB they couldnt look past Marcell Dareus who despite his inexperience would bring a Julius Peppers style threat back to their D – line. However the no 1 pick for a defensive lineman might just be a bit rich so we will settle for them taking Gabbert.

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