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2014 NFL Draft Final Predictions

Below are our Final Predictions. A few minor changes and assumes no trades (we are sure there will be plenty of those).   Pick 1 Houston Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney Pick 2 St Louis Rams OT Greg Robinson Pick 3 Jacksonville Jaguars QB Jonny Manziel Pick 4 Cleveland Browns WR Sammy Watkins Pick 5 Oakland […] Continue reading →

2014 NFL Draft Predictions 16-32

The following are our remaining preliminary draft predictions. Pick 16. Dallas Cowboys – DT Timmy Jernigan The Cowboys made a fair showing last season despite having issues all over their roster. They really need a Safety, however with the top talent likely gone this can be addressed in round two. If they do go safety […] Continue reading →

NFL 2014 Draft Picks 11-15

Picks 11-15 in this years draft may again involve a trade or two given the effect of the salary implications of a player drafted outside of the top 10 thanks to the recent Collective bargaining agreement. However assuming no trades this is our current predictions Pick 11 Tennessee Titans – DT Aaron Donald Although a […] Continue reading →

How Cleveland Could Play The Draft

Fans of the Cleveland Browns will again be entering the draft build up with some trepidation, given the relatively poor performance of the team of late. This despite the number of draft picks they have had both from their poor showing and some judicious trades. However looking beyond their 4-12 2013 record shows a team with […] Continue reading →

2014 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10

Picking in the 6-10 region this season is not a bad place to be given that the draft looks deep and there is always the option of trading down to boost your later picks. If our predictions for 1-5 hold true then there could be some scrambling around here and a trade or two couldn’t […] Continue reading →