AFC Predictions


This looks to be the slightly stronger conference and at least two of the divisions should be quite competitive. The following is what I expect from each division.

AFC North

This looks like a two team race again this year with the reigning champions Pittsburgh and Baltimore likely to fight it out literally for the divisional title. Last year Baltimore were my Dark Horse tip and they duly obliged going mighty close before showing their lack of experience in the AFC Championship game. With Joe Flacco another year wiser and the team still looking formidable on defence I think they will run the Steelers close again and make it deep into the post season with The Super Bowl not being out of the question. Overall predictions:

1st Baltimore Ravens

2nd Pittsburgh Steelers

3rd Cincinnati Bengals

4th Cleveland Browns

AFC South

This looks like being a tough division to get out of again and it is hard not to feel sorry for The Texans who are still looking for their 1st trip to the post season. You get the feeling that if they were in almost any other division they would be in with a chance. Anyway they are not and once again they will miss out as both The Colts and Titans look like they will battle it out for top spot. It is possible the Texans could sneak a wild card but I think it’s going to be at least next year before they make the grade. Overall Predictions:

1st Indianapolis Colts

2nd Tennessee Titans

3rd Houston Texans

4th Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC East

What a change we saw last season with the previous 1-15 Dolphins coming through to snatch the division and inflict a rare early season close on the Patriots. The Jets also played well until Favre’s arm gave out and the Bills showed some small sparks of promise. However The Patriots have Tom Brady back and it would be a brave person who bet against them regaining the divisional title this year. The Jets look to have improved all round and they should be good enough to snatch second. The Dolphins will probably get the wooden spoon although I don’t expect them to be 1-15 again in a hurry.  Overall Predictions:

1st New England Patriots

2nd New York Jets

3rd Buffalo Bills

4th Miami Dolphins

AFC West

Definitely not a case of saving the best for last although the Chargers are real contenders this year despite staggering into the playoffs last year following The Broncos late collapse. Of the rest possibly Oakland will come through for second. They have had so many early draft picks of late that something is bound to work for them. The Broncos made a big mistake in my opinion in releasing Jay Cutler and although the draft picks will come in useful in the future it is not going to help this year. Kansas have picked up some good players and Matt Cassel looks a useful quarterback – however how he will perform without all the Patriots stars around him remains to be seen.  Overall Predictions:

1st San Diego Chargers

2nd Oakland Raiders

3rd Denver Broncos

4th Kansas City Chiefs

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