Big Win For The Atlanta Falcons

With one minute and 5 seconds left things were looking good for our bet on the Ravens, however a few seconds latter things changed big style as Atlanta drove the ball 80 yards to grab a late touch down in a game they probably deserved to win on the balance of play.

The Ravens were untypically subdued in the first half and only had the ball for 9 minutes as the Falcons ran up a 10 point lead. However they seemed to wake up in the second half and despite trailing 13-0 and 20-7 they managed to battle back and took a 21-20 lead when Joe Flacco hit Todd Heap from 9 yards.

This leaves Atlanta 5-0 at home and puts them in a very strong position going into the final stretch and probably just about elevates them into No 1 position in the NFC, while the Ravens at 6-3 can now look forward to a fairly easy run in and will barring a self inflicted disaster still be playing in the post season. Could we have seen the dress rehearsal for this years Superbowl?

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