DeShawn Jackson Officially a Redskin for 2014

Deshawn Jackson’s spell as a free agent was as short lived (as expected) and he has signed with the Washington Redskins; a move which has made theirs one of the most potent in the NFC. Given he is coming of a career best season the move seems a little ill timed, however a combination of off field rumours and money probably led to Chip Kelly deciding his hurry up offence could live without him.

On the field he will team up with Pierre Garcon, who led the NFL in receptions last season to give one of the most potent WR sets in the league. Combine this with explosive running in the form of Alfred Morris and the QB Talents of RGIII and you have a team who will rightly be considered as playoff contenders. This seems a bold statement to make about a team who went 3-13 and lost their last 8 games. However seven games were against teams who made the playoffs and their heavy losses were against the Chiefs, 49ers and Broncos so no disgrace there. Further Eight of the losses suffered were by 8 points or less. If they can stiffen up their Pass Defence they could surprise a lot of people in 2014 and it will be a big surprise if they don’t improve significantly on last seasons record.

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