LaDainian Tomlinson set to Bow Out as a Charger

Future Hall of Fame Running Back LaDainian Tomlinson is set to end his illustrious career with his first club the San Diego Chargers, thanks to a well designed move which will see him resign for his former club and then announce his retirement.

Tomlinson joined the Chargers as a first round draft pick in 2001 and had nine successful seasons with them before joining the Jets for the 2010 & 2011 seasons.

He has started 170 games and during this has only had 8 lost fumbles in 3174 carries. He has also racked up 18, 456 combined yards (108.56 per game average) and with 162 TDs has managed nearly one every game.

This is a great move by The Chargers who cut him in less than amicable circumstances in 2010 and when  LaDainian joins  the Pro Football Hall of Fame (possibly as early as 2017) it will be fitting that he is remembered as one of the San Diego Charger’s all time greats.

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