9 thoughts on “LSU vs Auburn, OU vs Mizzou, Iowa vs Wisc Free winners 10/23/10 by nordge.com

  1. @warmmilk

    LSU played better on D than I thought they would, but they still lost and didnt cover.

  2. and I dont see him doing much passing against patrick peterson. It will be close as it always is, with the exception of last years drubbing, but LSU wins

  3. And I dont see him doing much passing against patrick peterson. I see a close game, as usual with these 2 teams, but LSU wins

  4. Iowa has done absolutely nothing to deserve the ranking they have. They’ve played one team currently in the top 25, Arizona, and they lost. I see The Badgers winning by a touchdown, Agree with OU beating Mizzou, though neither team has shown me much. OU almost losing to Cincy was disgusting. Finally I disagree with Auburn vs LSU, Auburn does have one very good player, but LSU has arguably the best defense in the nation. I dont see Cam Newton doing much running with Drake Nevis and that D-line

  5. slipknotshukla says:

    @jkkkhhkjhk yea i dont see any mullets in the video. i think that guy is upset because his family tree is vertical and it taking it out on everyone by calling them auburn fans.

  6. jkkkhhkjhk says:


    auburn fans?? only an inbred from the sec could think we are auburn fans.

  7. jkkkhhkjhk says:


    Thank you, if this guy knew anything there is no way I am a Auburn Fan. Les Miles is a full retard and you never go full retard.

  8. slipknotshukla says:

    not really. there is no way lsu is winning.

  9. must be auburn fans

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