New York Jets Think They Can Win Without Revis

In what sounds like a bit of gamesmanship New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan has announced that The Jets can get by without their star Corner Darrell Revis, who is currently holding out for an improved contract.

On one hand it is good to see a franchise standing up to players demands, however on the other hand Revis is not exactly overpaid at the moment with contracted earnings of $1m in 2010. This well below what other quality Corners are earning and given he is clearly the best Corner Back in the NFL at the moment a bit of an increase would not be unreasonable.

Darrell Revis is only 25 and if he remains injury free he will continue to be the best corner in the league for many years. If the Jets don’t stump up the cash to tie him in to the franchise they will be making a mistake they and their fans will regret for a long time to come – especially if he ends up at one of their AFC East rivals.

As well as being the NFL’s No 1 Corner Revis has also shown a bit of talent behind the camera as his recent venture into commercials shows:


Despite his obvious new found love for the camera his hold out means he will not be part of the cast in the forthcoming HBO NFL reality series “Hard Knocks”.  This has been a bit of a Jinx for teams in the past and perhaps the Revis holdout will mean that this tradition continues.

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