NFL 2010 Week 6 Results

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The San Francisco 49ers finally got off the mark on Sunday Night coming from behind to beat The Oakland Raiders. This leaves Carolina & Buffalo as the only teams without a win this season at 0-5.

The Minnesota Vikings won the game of the night sending the Dallas Cowboys to 1-4, which will effectively end Wade Phillips tenure as head coach. With a big game coming against Green Bay the Vikings could find themselves right back in the mix in the NFC North.

The Big AFC clash saw the Patriots edge past Baltimore in OT to confirm that talk of their demise is premature. Given they are rebuilding and have a stack of draft picks next year it will be no surprise if we see New England back in the Superbowl soon.

San Diego continued with their generosity on the road as they lost 17-20 at the Rams to record their 4th consecutive road loss. Their road losses have been by a combined total of 25 points and with a little more composure they could easily have won them all. With The Patriots visiting this week it is possible they could fall to 2-5 which in any division other than the AFC West would spell disaster. However given the West is so poor they will be confident of winning it still even if it is 8-8.

Some strange results overall last week and the gap between the best and the rest in the NFL looks like it is starting to close.

The full results (* indicates our picks we finished 8-6)

Seattle 23, Chicago 20
Miami 23, Green Bay 20 (OT)
St. Louis 20, San Diego 17
New England 23, Baltimore 20 (OT)
New Orleans 31, Tampa Bay 6 *
NY Giants 28, Detroit 20  *
Philadelphia 31, Atlanta 17
Pittsburgh 28, Cleveland 10 *
Houston 35, Kansas City 31   *
San Francisco 17, Oakland 9  *
NY Jets 24, Denver 20
Minnesota 24, Dallas 21 *
Indianapolis 27, Washington 24 *

Monday Night Football

Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 3 *

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